• Service Strength

    Service Strength

    Human respect, Human value

    General service in HR field • Search firm specializing in corporate headhunting with a stable financial structure (established in February 2011)
    • Having talent selection know-how and core talent DB based on HR service experience of various industries.
    • Service fields: headhunting, reputation inquiry (R/C), interview/evaluation agency, personnel consulting, and talent dispatch (professional office workers)
    Organizational response capabilities • Organize a dedicated organization to overcome the limitations of one-person consultants in response to customer demand (time/DB/network)
    • Proposal of the best talent pool through complex talent search through organic response.
    • Organize into experts in each field and recommend optimal talent through job/industry trend analysis.
    LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP • By establishing a trust base with customers, we have LOYALTY for existing customers and propose problem solving through continuous search.
    • They value SUCCESS RATE for hiring customers.
    HR expert training system • The dedicated organization responds by fostering search experts centering on specific industries/jobs.
    Excellent personal and organizational composition • Human composition as a headhunter with expertise and network for each industry/job.
    • Many competent senior-level headhunters with more than 10 years of headhunting experience.
    • Operate a dedicated research system to enhance search capabilities and record relatively high SUCCESS RATE.
    Our Pincus Korea will establish itself as a “people-centered, customer-centered, and talent-centered” company that is growing with corporate customers and talents.