• Service Procedure

    The headhunting process

    Human respect, Human value

    01. Headhunting recruitment request.

    • Assignment of professional consultants for each industry when receiving a job request
    • The consultant in charge will contact your company's HR team after analyzing the company and understanding the JD

    02. Signed a business contract

    • After visiting your company, a contract including security matters, fees, warranty period, etc. is concluded
    • Discuss the talent search strategy that meets the desired talent image, business direction, and corporate culture

    03. Finding and recommending candidates

    • Find candidates who meet your company's hiring conditions jointly with our DB and strategic alliance partners at home and abroad
    • We select and recommend triple core talent through our interview

    04. Recruitment process

    • Paper screening, interview screening
    • Schedule an interview according to your company's hiring process
    • Upon your company's request, we provide a reputation inquiry service for candidates

    05. Decided to hire candidates

    • Coordinate negotiations on salaries and terms of employment for finalists
    • Confirmation of employment and preparation of employment contract

    06. Service fee charge

    • Claims for such fees under the contract
    • Issuance of tax invoice
    • Payment of fees within the deadline

    07. Warranty period

    • If an employee voluntarily resigns within the warranty period, a substitute recommendation or partial refund